Friday, February 7, 2014


The 2014 Winter Olympiad from Sochi, Russia starts today. One can only hope the Games go more smoothly than the events leading up to this event. For starters, the "RED" carpet was not laid out for Gay athletes, and as late as yesterday, hotel rooms housing Olympians and reporters covering the Games were still not even ready. Reporters have been sending icky pictures of their hotel rooms, unpainted, yucky carpets, and the kicker: Yellow water flowing from the faucets.

Folks took to social media to barter and bargain for items such as door knobs and light bulbs.

Earlier this week, I read a stories in the New York Times and Washington Post that local Russian officials were rounding up stray dogs and killing them, as to "not upset the games or tourists", also stating "we don't want any wild dogs wandering into any events causing trouble". Uh huh. I have been watching Olympic Games since I was a kid, I don't EVER remember stray dogs running onto a soccer field, track field or an ice rink during the games.  o_O

Nathan Denette / AP

One of the saddest parts for me as an American is how our Athletes and their families competing and attending the games have to tone down the "GO USA" sentiment due to increase risk of threat against U.S. Athletes and Americans attending the games. This totally sucks. What a disappointment for the men and women who have trained so hard for this possibly once in a lifetime opportunity to have this black cloud hang over their Olympic experience. I'll be cheering for them here at home, sending positive vibes to our USA Athletes. To be honest, ALL the athletes from every competing country deserves a pat on the back for even participating in this Olympics.

Here's hoping that these games leave a better impression after they are over than they are right now.


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