Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Is it Just me, Or Are The Voice Contestant's Better Than The X-Factor's? VS
I didn't want to say it, especially since I am a HUGE fan of Simon Cowell, but the singers/performers on NBC's The Voice simply outshine The X-Factor (FOX). Before anyone says, you shouldn't compare the two shows, those of us who watch BOTH shows certainly do. The Voice is filled with so many Beasts this season, Trevin Hunte, Sylvia Yacoub, Terry McDermott, and Amanda Brown. Amanda is so outlandishly talented that she even makes the word "fierce" go into a corner and cower. There is promise in the X-Factor teen category: Diva's-In-Training Diamond (Little Whitney) White and Carly Rose (Little Celine) Sonenclare show amazing style.  I can see them ruling the charts a few years from now. The rest of the young adults and older singers are just fair. There is not a Melanie Amaro (last season's X-Factor winner) in the bunch (Simon hit it out of the ballpark with her :D)

Even the cast-offs from the Voice are mighty. Michaela Paige, Adriana Louise, Deborah, Laura Vivas, Chevonne, Michelle Brooks-Thompson, Brandon Mahone, (yes it is THAT many), Avery Wilson, Terisa Griffin. I could go on. Their bench was just that deep! If any one of those singers were on the X-Factor, they would totally win.

The X-Factor bright spot for me this season are the groups. Simon is doing a terrific job mentoring. Emblem 3, 5th Harmony and Lyric 145. All three groups are talented, fun, entertaining, and I look forward to seeing their careers blossom. Lyric 145 was voted off last Thursday. NOOOOOOO!!!!!! To that I say: O_o

The shows are tied as far as hosts. I love Carson Daly. He is at his best during the blind auditions when he is with the contestant families. He wants the chairs to turn around just as much as the families! That is so sweet. I think Khloe Khardasian and Mario Lopez are good choices and are doing their hosting well. When a contestant get a slap down of criticism from the judges, Khloe and Mario are great at cushioning the blow.

I wonder what X-Factor can do to get get a better bunch of singers next season? It kinda seems as though The Voice gets the best singers and X-Factor gets the leftovers. Maybe it's the mentoring as well. Again, I think the coaches work with the contestants better over at The Voice. To be honest, I'll bet Simon is a little disappointed with his judges/mentors this year. I would not be surprised if a whole new crew is brought in next season.

All of this being said, I am really not throwing shade at anyone. I simply think one show is a little better than the other one, but I will continue to watch and support BOTH.

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